Himalayan Salt Candle Holder – 1 Hole
Himalayan Salt Candle Holder – 1 Hole

Small (2-3 kg)

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Himalayan Salt Candle Holder: Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are a fantastic way to decorate a small space while providing the same healing benefits that are common to all our Himalayan salt products.

Perfect Gift Choice: Himalaya salt candle holder are a thoughtful gift for your loved one’s for every special occasion

Benefits: Himalayan Salt Candle Holder create a soft, warm ambience, while improving breathing, focusing the mind, and providing a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. Enjoy the soothing, soft glow of Himalayan salt candle holders, while the negative ions are released, which rejuvenate the body while calming the mind.

Uses: Unique Home Decor Item Great as a Night Light or Decorative Light. It will fit right at the Center of a Coffee Table, Bedside Table and a Beautiful accent Holder For Meditation and Yoga Spaces.


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